• They get 5 starts from our family. We started our five year old with Ms. Huff about a month ago.  He was so scared that he didn't participate for the first two times we went.  Her patience and subtle persistence paid off and he loves it. He's so happy with the pee wee class and can't wait to see his continued growth.

    Antonio V.
  • My daughter attends FMAA and she loves it! Tracy is amazing and so motivating for the kids!! Fun, discipline, exercise, and work ethic all rolled into one class

    Christiaan H.
  • My two children have been enrolled at FMAA for about 6 months now and they love it. It teaches them discipline as well as support from a team. I love how Mrs. Huff is with the kids. She is very direct yet still has a heart of gold. Mrs. Huff teaching techniques are awesome because she makes it so the kids can understand when it comes to their age. She talks to them and expects every student to do their best and work hard. I can tell this is her passion. I would definitely recommend FMAA.

    Leslie N.
  • FMAA's smaller class size was just what we were looking for! After visiting several other dojos we were left feeling like our child would not be getting the personal attention that mastery of martial arts requires. MS. Huff engages her students, has control of her class, challenges students to do their best, and develops their self-esteem through positive encouragement and recognition of their contributions in class. 
    FMAA goes out of their way to create additional opportunities for self discipline and personal growth built into 'Day Camps' 'Parent Night-Out's' and 'Back to School' events. The Dojo is open to all skill levels and encourages families to participate together with a great discount. We are fortunate to have found FMAA and look forward to watching our child progress!

    Monica D.
  • My son really enjoys the time he spends with Family Martial Arts Academy. He is challenged and has fun. The instructor is awesome and knowledgeable in her craft.

    Natascia E.
  • FMAA has become our second home. Tracy Huff is a fantastic mentor. She and the FMAA family are building the leaders of tomorrow. Teaching respect, building confidence, and creating well rounded, well prepared individuals.

    Erin W.
  • We have been with Miss Tracy @ Family Martial Arts for several years now.  We have never been disappointed.

    Jason S.
  • FMAA has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. We initially signed her up to work on confidence and since then she has thrived. Tracy Huff really knows how to teach and guide children and bring the best out in each and every single one of her students. FMAA is truly amazing!

    Alexandra M.
  • Our 3 kids have been with Miss Tracy @ FMAA for several years now. We love it and have never been disappointed!

    Emilie S.
  • My son has been enrolled in FMAA for the past year--I am thrilled to see the progress that he has made. Tracy is absolutely amazing with students of all ages--from the tiny ones in the class before us up through the teens and adults that comprise my son's class. She is fun, encouraging, and places an emphasis on each student striving to reach their fullest potential. She is open and engaging with the parents as well.

    Michelle D.
  • Really great with kids of all ages. Teaches Discipline and respect for others. Has been really great for our six year old.

    Jeff B.
  • Three of my grandchildren attend FMAA and they love it. Tracy is great. Her passion is apparent and she wants all her students to excell and succeed not just in learning martial arts but in all areas of their life.

    Lisa N.
  • My daughter has really come into her own since coming to this academy. Mrs. Huff is a wonderful teacher and truly cares about developing the children. We are so happy to have found this place!!!

    Nikki M.
  • My husband and I are so happy we enrolled our son almost a year ago! It's been a wonderful blessing to watch our child grow with discipline. His journey has not stopped here and will continue to be a remarkable student apart of Family Martial Arts Academy.

    Audriaunna K.
  • Great staff. Ms. Huff has just the right mixture of discipline and patience!

    Charles G.
  • She demands respect and teaches them things they will remember for the rest of their lives!

  • We have been attending FMAA for over 6 months now. My kids are changed, and so I am. Ms. Huff is a wonderful instructor for our children, who range in ages 3-8. She has helped out 4 year old grow in confidence like you can't imagine. First class he was crying on the mat the entire time (he watched his other siblings participate for two weeks.) The second class, he was there and not crying. Now he actually will call out what jumping jack he wants to do (when called upon) he will even demonstrate the moves. His growth has been amazing. My 3 year old even sits still now, when asked. My oldest has also grown in confidence, and strength. My 6 year old with ADHD has shown great improvements, even though we still have our struggles, he has matured with Ms. Huffs coaching. My biggest surprise has been me. Just watching her work with the kids, I have learned so much. This has been one of the best investments we have put into our family.

    Vanessa D.
  • This is an amazing place that teaches children more than martial arts. Tracy Huff teaches discipline, confidence and martial arts skills in a fun and energentic way. She loves what she does and challenges her students.

    Jimmy K.
  • My son has been attending martial arts classes for a year now. It has been essential to developing his physical fitness attributes such as flexibility, dexterity, coordination among just a few. Most notably, it has helped develop self-confidence as well as give him an opportunity to positively socialize with his peers. He has been very successful at Family Martial Arts Academy and that success has motivated him at school where he is getting straight A's this year.

    Joe S.
  • What I think about FMAA? I love it, my daughter loves it. I have seen her grow so much since working wit her instructor Tracy Huff. @Tracy Huff please keep doing what u r doing, working wit our kids, teaching self discipline, promoting self respect, and respect for others. FMAA and Tracy Huff ROCK! U R THE BEST!!!

    Tameka A.
  • Trinity and Miranda
  • Jaylen
  • My son has learned to focus better during class and other activities. Mrs. Huff is wonderful with the kids. She really cares about each and every on e of them and wants them to succeed.

    Mona N.
  • My daughter is more determined now and is able to focus better. She is also more confident on what to do when a situation arises. This has built her self-esteem and is showing her how to be a young leader. Family Martial Arts Academy is not just focused on the martial arts. Mrs. Huff focuses on building the character of the students, helps teach the life skills that all students will need to be successful as a person, to be able to handle life’s challenges that they may encounter, as well as mold them into a leader within their school and their communities. FMAA is a family environment. There are families that train together and we are just one of them-I am a single parent in my 40’s training with my 14 year old daughter and it is a positive bonding experience.

    Deb D.
  • My son has learned tenacity and the rewards of focus. He is learning the benefits of perfect practice perfects skill. I would recommend FMAA because the small class sizes equals children getting one on one attention.

    Shontae J.


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