Kids Martial Arts Fayetteville

Miranda Teixeira

Let me introduce myself, I am a second-degree black belt and a certified Instructor and have trained here at Family Martial Arts Academy under Ms.Huff for the past six years. I started my journey in martial arts eight years ago in a small school in Arizona. I fell in love with the art of Tang Soo Do within the first month of classes. I like all aspects that martial arts provide particularly that which Tang Soo Do provides. There is the physical aspect that everyone thinks of, but it is so much more. There is the tradition, the history, the values, the principles that you learn and become instilled with. There is the respect that one rank shows to another whether they are younger or older, the way we bow before the art before we start a class, the way that you bow to people you have never met before because the belt that they earned. Then there are the people, many people think of martial arts as an individual sport, and to some extent it is. Yet I would confidently state that people that train at least the ones that I know are closer than any other sports team. Why, because it takes a lot of trust to let someone throw a punch at your face. 

Becoming an instructor is one of the more rewarding things that I have ever done.  I have watched students whether young or old transform as the progress in their training. I have watched them grow not only in their ability, but also their mindsets. I love teaching because I get to show others what I love to do and watch them learn to love it too. I started martial arts because it looked like something cool to do, I continue martial arts because it continually provides me a foundation to better myself, and as an instructor, I have to opportunity to help others do the same. 

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