Kids Martial Arts Fayetteville

Tracy Huff

I would like to introduce you to the Family Martial Arts Academy. I am a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. I am also a mother and the founder. We are a martial art school that practices Tang Soo Do. The reason that I became a martial artist was for my son Stephen. Stephen was in 6th grade and having a horrible time with peer pressure. I spent a lot of time at the school speaking with vice-principals and guidance counselors and was very frustrated. I started to seek out something that I could do for Stephen outside of school that would build his self-esteem and self-confidence. A friend recommended martial arts and I thought “Why Not?” nothing else was working.

As I watched him train, I thought that looked like fun and I could use stress relief. We had a great time training together-it gave us something to share and because he outranked me, his confidence was definitely boosted.

Today, he does not train with me, but still has reaped the benefits of the self-esteem and confidence. Most people who meet him today would never know that for a time he struggled with being comfortable with who he is as a person.

I continued to train without him because even as an adult the practice of Tang Soo Do continues to push me and cause me to grow. I am constantly challenged to do more as I progress in rank.

It is for these reasons that I am excited about sharing my art and creating the same results for families in our area. I want to empower as many children and adults as I can to know that they can do anything they focus on. Will you help me reach as many as I can?

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