The word ‘family’ now has two meanings to me since I started attending Family Martial Arts Academy. Before starting, my family was just a few people who I lived and spent most of my time with. We saw each other occasionally, spoke to each other, and above all, trusted each other. However, since the day I walked on the mat at FMAA, that thought has been challenged. That thought was challenged because since training here for almost 5 years, I’ve realized that family isn't just the people you live with, and you can trust your training partners more than you can trust most. Family to me now, are the people I trust to make me a better martial artist, the people I trust to throw punches at me, the people I hold boards for, the people who trust me to teach, and the people I see everyday of the week. I have two families now, my family at home: my pets, my mother, my sister, and my family at FMAA: the pee wees- who always greet me with a hug, the beginners-who let us guide them, the kids, the teenagers, the adults- who look up to me and whom I look up to, my fellow black belts-who have always pushed me out of my comfort zone and kept me on my toes, and, my instructor- who always holds me accountable, who is patient, willing to teach, and who has always believed in me and pushed me grow. I have two families now, which makes life so much more full, and I’m grateful for both of them. 
Tang Soo!

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