It Is Never Too Late To Try Something New

I began my martial arts training with my son Stephen when he was in middle school struggling with peer pressure.  I was looking for a way to build his confidence and never dreamed that I would find my life's purpose and passion.  I started when I was in my mid-thirties and fell in love with martial arts training and all of the benefits I receive as a martial artist.  I love teaching the art of Tang Soo Do to families---we have so much fun!  So, as I was looking for some different ways to communicate all of the benefits that training martial arts gives you and I found this vidoe of Willie Nelson. He is a 5th degree Black Belt at the age of 81 and started training in his 60's!!!!  What an inspiration--WOW! Click here to watch a video of him talking about his journey.

This led me to asking myself the question, "Where I have NOT done something that I REALLY wanted because I thought it was too late?".  He began training at a time when most people have a "retirement" mindset.  I am lucky enough to have a few students-- about the same age--that are training.  It is exciting to see how by just showing up and pushing themselves to be better and go "all in" on our training, they are inspiring my younger students to do the same thing.  How cool is that?

So, my challenge to you is to find where you can be that inspiration for someone else.  Sometimes we forget that by stretching ourselves, it makes it easier for someone else to do the same thing.  



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