7 Reasons Why Your Family Can Benefit From Martial Arts Training

Most people associate martial arts training with the benefits of Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Focus.  It is true--these are all developed through consistent martial arts training. Here is a link that lists

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

 This article gives a great breakdown on the benefits and life lessons all martial artists will learn.  I just want to add one more thing--having a child/children that have learned the lessons of self-control, focus, self-discipline, perseverance, empathy, and confidence CAN make it easier on the parents.  These lessons give parents a frame of reference to help their child/children outside of the martial arts school.  Our parents find that if they are having a hard time at school or at home, they can ask them questions about how they are successful in martial arts class.  Or, they can say "Remember when you didn't think you could do __________ technique and you broke a board with it?".  It gives parents one more tool to help their child/children see how amazing they already are and how amazing they can be when they keep trying.  

As an adult, I know that I always reference events from my martial arts training when I am afraid to try something or not confident on the outcomes.  There were so many times as a martial artist that I thought I would never get the hang of a technique, strike, kick--jump spinning anything--that I can now do without even thinking about it. When I am confronted with something at work that feels hard, I remind myself-"Remember when you couldn't do a spin hook kick?  You've got this!".  We all need to be reminded that we are capable of accomplishing ANYTHING we give our focus and do not quit on.  Confidence is built on all of those small success over time--it is a journey.



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