Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Kids

Did You Know…

Modern families enjoy just 38 minutes of quality time together on the average weekday.


According to a study by the Hollywood Family Bowl Report, after interviewing over 2,000 families they also found:


When families do spend time together, parents face a battle against technology, with more than nine in ten admitting the little time they have to spend with their children usually sees one - or all of them - distracted by the TV, computer games, mobile phones or tablets.

Almost a third of parents, polled by Hollywood Bowl, even blame their family's reliance on technology as a reason for the lack of quality time they get to spend together.

And more than three in ten say their kids would rather play computer games than have a family conversation or take part in a family activity.

Top ten barriers to having quality time with a family

1. Household chores

2. Long, anti-social working hours

3. Children’s homework

4. Children’s extra-curricular activities

5. Everyone in the family is too busy on their phone/tablet or computer

6. School timetables

7. The children would rather play their computer games

8. The children would rather watch TV

9. Anti-social working hours

10. The children would rather go out to their friend’s house


Did you also know that there are simple ways ( and not all of them cost money) for you to spend time with your family outside of technology.  Some ways that I like to spend time with my family include:


  1. Cooking

This can sometimes be challenging if you have little ones, but not only are you spending quality time with them, but you are also teaching them how to cook and clean, and making the process enjoyable and memorable

2. Playing games

I remember when I was a kid, we would spend hours playing cards--Go Fish, Spoons, War, you name it.  Playing games helps teach everyone patience, how to take turns, how to lose, how to win...the list goes on and on.

3. Playing with Legos\Blocks, building models, making something for the house.

This has become one of my favorite things to do. I did not realize how relaxing this activity is until we did a Lego Summer camp.  The kids are so amazing and creative--they taught me so much!  It is something that I do with my grandkids and to make it easier to do together, we made a Lego Table out of an old table we had in the garage.  Time flies and the kids do not even miss their technology.


4.  Working out together

I started my martial arts journey with my younger son Stephen and we have families that train together. It bonds you in a way that nothing else can. Our preference is martial arts, but there are many places that provide family programs--you should find a way that works for your family. If you are not sure--try a few and see what everyone likes.  I am a firm believer in training as a family, so we have a family program.  You only pay for the first 2 family members and the rest of the family trains for FREE.  Call us today and we can schedule your family class.


Just like everything else in life, you have to make it a priority and make time to get it done or it will become something you “should” be doing.  Also, spending time with your kids will give you insights into your children about how they perceive the world.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate the people that our children are becoming.


Finally, it can be REALLY fun.


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