Having the Energy To Do What You Want


Having Energy To Do What You Want

Speaker 1:           Good morning. It is a Wednesday and we are here for some motivation. And I know everyone’s like, ah, it’s Wednesday. I was feeling the same way this morning, but, uh, I made a commitment to get up [00:00:30] with my husband and we’ve been going to a 5:30 AM, uh, fitness class. So I’m more energized now. And that’s the topic that we’re going to talk about today is how to stay energized. Because part of being motivated is knowing your purpose, knowing your potential, knowing what your goals are, knowing what your action plan is, but you have to have the energy to execute it. And so that’s what we’re going to talk about today about staying motivated. So I’m going to rewind some things: for some of you know, some [00:01:00] of you don’t know. So last year was a really challenging year for me. Um, I was in and out of the hospital for a few months there.

Speaker 1:           So I started this year in a place that I had never, ever been in my entire life. And that was not physically able to work out in the past. I had all the other reasons on that to work out, but in this particular, as I physically could not, I lost a lot of muscle, a lot of things [00:01:30] that I just took for granted. I also took for granted a lot of the strengths that I had, I didn’t even realize it. And so, um, number one, the first way to stay energized is being devoted to being in great condition. So that had, I had put me in a completely different place mentally because I couldn’t do things. So I had to completely shift my expectations for what my workouts would look like. I mean, I started just being able to try [00:02:00] and make it through standing through my classes at first, because standing was a workout.

Speaker 1:           Okay. So wherever you are in this journey, wherever you are with your energy, wherever you are with your fitness, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Start wherever you are. So I started there and it took me until September to finally feel like, okay, now I can add a workout outside of my martial arts classes and martial arts training. Now I can [00:02:30] add a workout. Now this morning, I didn’t want to work out. I did not want to work out. I thought my husband was going to divorce because I was kind of cranky was trying to wake me up, but stay committed to it and just getting up and doing it even though, so the more I do, the more I can do and the more I can do, the sorer I am, but being committed to just showing up, right, there was a success that we talk about on Mondays showing up, going a hundred percent, you know, making the commitment to it, all of those things.

Speaker 1:           [00:03:00] So there were some things that the workout this morning that I could not do, I did the best that I could. And I stayed with him for 30 minutes. And that is just honoring my commitment to being in great condition. So, and letting, letting myself go, not letting myself go, no, that’s what happened. That was, I’ll go letting go of my expectations of where I think I should be and just staying committed to the course. Okay. So that’s, that’s the first one was standardized and these all kind of go hand in hand. So you’ve got to exercise [00:03:30] a little bit every day and a little bit really is a little bit, even if it’s a 15-minute walk, a 15-minute yoga session. So find someone you like on YouTube, get your girlfriend, go do something. I always like to include dancing in this because Zumba obviously, but, um, just going out and being with your friends and doing something that’s fun that gets you moving, gets your heart rate up, and gets you out of the house.

Speaker 1:           Out of that chair [00:04:00] is going to be important. I used to put a caveat that I used to think that every workout had to be 45 minutes to an hour. So it took me a long time to transition, to be able to do like that 15, 20 minutes or 30 minutes, just to be productive and effective and to get moving and to make myself move more while I’m instructing to not get so lost in the teaching that I’m not doing. Right.

So exercise just a little bit every day. And why, [00:04:30] didn’t your perspective about what exercises, because it’s all going to depend on where you’re starting from, right? So if you’re starting from a place of fitness, then I challenged you to do a new kind of exercise to shock your body. So if you’re a runner, do swimming, if you’re a swimmer, you know, try cardio, I mean, try, um, Zumba or kickboxing or CrossFit or it, um, I do fit body Bootcamp on Boone trail and they do HIIT training.

Speaker 1:           [00:05:00] And if we went to failure, I was again, I was like, cause we’ve smoked. It’s only a 30-minute workout, 30-minute so wherever you are, I still challenge you to switch it up. If you’re at the place where you’re not working out at all, then just start moving, just get moving, walk your dogs, walk with your husband. You know, just find something that you are going to enjoy doing and just begin it. Right. [00:05:30] But part of that exercising a little bit and staying energized. And this is one, the other reason I did this challenge is you’ve got to eat for energy. You’ve got to view your food is fuel. And I know I’m 29 forever, but I still struggle with how to fuel my body. And so the one thing that attracted me to fit body boot camps challenges is that they have a meal plan for you.

Speaker 1:           And they, it so simple. They take all [00:06:00] of the guesswork out of what to eat and how much of it to eat. So, it relieved my stress level on eating, right? And so my goal for the six-week challenge at Ron is to end in six weeks feeling confident and comfortable that I know how to fuel my body so that I build some new habits and create some new, new ways of being that are gonna help me use food as fuel and help me provide my body, the things that it needs to do, everything [00:06:30] that I do, because sometimes we’re working and working and working and working and work in our bodies and we’re not giving it what we need and we’re filling it with stuff that isn’t going to help us. Right? We all know this, you know, McDonald’s or cake. I know I’m guilty cake is my go-to stress who I’m not going to lie.

Speaker 1:           I love cake. I love cake. Right? So we got to make sure that we bring it to our consciousness, that we have to eat to give our bodies fuel, to run like the Dunkin says, run on Dunkin, but [00:07:00] not necessarily Dunkin donuts, but you, we know what to do. And the same principle applies with the exercise start small. I watched a documentary on Netflix and I cannot remember, I think it was Netflix. And I can’t remember the name of it, but there was, um, uh, a trainer on there and I loved what he said. He said, make a better that decision. And that makes sense to me. I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but sometimes we try and go from eating the way that we’re eating [00:07:30] to going completely clean in one big leap. And that’s just not how we get things done, but we’re going to be able to maintain, we might be able to do for a short window, but if we’re going to maintain it for a long time, it’s not going to happen.

Speaker 1:           So his making a better bad decision example was if you’re eating meat seven days a week, then maybe cut out a look, cut out your meat for two days, or maybe cut out one day. If you’re drinking soda seven days [00:08:00] a week, or you’re drinking seven sodas a day, cut it back to five, but start by making better bad decisions. And I’ll give you an example of that. Um, last night I’ve been part of, it’s the challenge that I’m on because I’m counting all my calories and I’m documenting them all in my fitness pal. So everything that’s going in, my mouth I’m counting. And so something I did without thought just a few weeks ago, um, Danielle brings me very, very nice and hurt to bring me a Dunkin donuts, iced coffee, which I love [00:08:30] coffee. And yeah, you know, by the time she gets there, I do need a little kick, a kick in the butt.

Speaker 1:           And so I would just suck it down without thinking. But last night I didn’t have a chance to do it when she brought it in. And when I went to put it in my fitness thing, that was like 300, I think 320 calories that I couldn’t. If I had drunk that, then that would have been my calories. And then looking at my numbers, it didn’t make sense to me. So my better bad decision was to eight to not drink at all. I took like [00:09:00] three sips, four sips, and I put it in the refrigerator, and then I drank water instead. So a better, bad decision. I still got to have some of the coffee and I still, didn’t even want to go, but I came closer. I came so much closer. I was 30 ounces with the drinking, my body weight. So make a better decision, a better bad decision and do it in increments and see how you feel, right?

Speaker 1:           Because you’re going to notice a change in how you feel and how your body feels. [00:09:30] Okay. And then two more things, two more things today about staying energized and what we can do. And it was what I had to do this morning is to be energetic, even when you don’t feel like it. That’s why number one is to make the commitment, right? So making the commitment to do this challenge has allowed me and my husband to do something that we’ve been talking about doing for years. And that is getting up early. And we talked about getting up early and just walking the dogs [00:10:00] before, um, he went to work or getting up early and just going in our fitness room together and working out, which we’ve never done. But this challenge has put us in a place where he’s an early riser. I apparently am not because I still work until 9 30, 10 o’clock at night.

Speaker 1:           So we are working out and have successfully worked out for a week and a half to 30. Those of you who know me know I’m really not. I I’d rather like work all night [00:10:30] instead of get up early Kango. So he has had a challenge waking me up to get myself in the car for him to drive me to the, but we’re doing it together. And it’s been fun. It’s been fun, which is why I have the energy I have right now because we got up and we worked out. So I didn’t want to, I’m really sore. Cause I’m doing, I’m doing more. I’m doing more. I taught six classes last night, which is big because [00:11:00] I haven’t taught that many classes in a long time. So I taught six classes. I did a lot of demonstrating. I did a lot of stuff I do of walking.

Speaker 1:           And so I was sore and my legs hurt this morning. So the thought of going to that workout does not make me want to get up at 5:00 AM to brush my teeth and comb my hair and put on some shoes. But because we made the commitment together and Mr. Hub is willing to be accountable for that commitment that, um, I went in [00:11:30] and I’m not kidding. I sit until, it’s time to get on that mat because of my legs. But once I’m on there, I did it and I felt better. I totally felt good about it, and I totally felt better when I got done. So you gotta do it. You got to commit to it and do it when you don’t feel like it and see how you feel. And then last, last, and again, those of you who train us, those of you who know me the last way to get yourself energized.

Speaker 1:           If you can’t do everything else or your schedule’s not [00:12:00] allowing it is listen to music that pumps you up. What is it for you? Um, I laugh because of the students sometimes, um, they’ve been wanting to play musicals like from Hamilton or for rent. And, and so we’ll do that. But whatever music gets you go in makes you do this and makes you do this right. What makes you kind of like want to dance in your chair? Just a chair, dancing, whatever music that is, make sure you add it to your morning. Like one of your morning rituals [00:12:30] to get you up and going and getting you set out about your day so that you can start your day with some positive energy and flow it socially. If the previous one applies to you and you, you just don’t feel like it, right? If you need to make that shift, then music is your go-to music is your go-to to do it.

Speaker 1:           So that is what we’re going to do to stay motivated and stay energized this week, we’re going to make a commitment to be in shape, right? We’re going to exercise [00:13:00] just a little bit every day. We’re going to commit to that exercise a little bit. Every day. We’re going to make a better, bad decision today on when it comes to what we put in our mouth, make a better one. It could be as simple as eating a whole donut you’d have of eating to eat one better, bad decision. Don’t feel guilty about it. Just make a better one. And then, um, be energetic. You know, when you want to, even when you don’t right, we talked, we talked, um, [00:13:30] on Monday and changing your thoughts with your actions and your words and physiology, right? Like how you’re holding your body makes a difference. So slyly makes a difference in how you feel holding your body in the Superman pose for a few minutes is going to make you feel more confident and more ready to do things. Try it–

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