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How To Be Consistent and Get Experience


How to be consistent and get experience

Good morning. It is Monday, Monday, and we are here talking about the success habit of the month, which is how to keep moving forward. Last week, we’re going over talking about persistence, what it is and giving you a few other benefits that you’re going to get from it. So I wanted to just finish, covering the benefits of building that persistence muscle building that, that I’m not going to quit muscle no matter what happens and, um, share with you what I got to spend the weekend doing, because the room that I was in this weekend is, is just the result of staying persistent, being persistent, doing the right thing. So picking up where we left off, we left off of being persistent makes you a good example to the people around you, your family, your coworkers, your employees, whatever, whatever role you are playing in life.


Now, the other reason that you want to build this persistence muscle is because it teaches you the value of success, right? So persistence teaches you the value of success, and that’s the room that I got to be in this weekend. So, um, I am part of a mastermind group with Mr. Chris. [inaudible] from red dragon karate, and we had our mastermind this weekend. And what in the being in the room this weekend, wasn’t just about being able to receive what we usually get from Chris as our mentor, and as our example, as our example. But we got to really, I don’t know about the rest of the people there, but I was really reflecting on all of our businesses a few years back, all of our businesses. Um, I want to say 2017, 2018, and then walk, looking around the room. And we started our, we started our meeting a little differently this time.


And normally we would start with like all of the all of the issues that we were having and everything, all the obstacles that we were running into and that we were frustrated with and didn’t know what to do with, and this time we got to talk about everything that we’re grateful for because being in that room and being persistent and not quit quitting before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and now in the, in the world that we’re living in now, we, we perceive for problems differently, for sure. But now our habit, our success habit of persistence has taught us to, to look forward. We’re not looking back. We’re not, we’re not living like right here in this moment. We’re like, okay, this is the middle of it. This is where we’re going. And it’s helping us be it’s helping us be future-forward.


So as I, as we went through our weekend and I’m to all of us talk and share, and I was just like floored, floored, not really just like the mentorship of Chris, which is, you know, is, is amazing to meet to me in a personal level. But to just watch how he has been able to teach us his habits of success by doing this very thing because he leads by example and he persists by example, and then he shares and he mentors and he, he teaches us exactly how we need to be. So, so that’s, that’s the other benefit of persistence, but take it to another level and just surround yourself with people who persist like you and, and, and see what happens. And that, that was what really, um, my biggest impression from, from our mastermind, besides all the other stuff I expect from Chris, you know, but that’s why you want to persist because you’re going to change, change how you view those things that you used to be was really hard.


And you’re going to change how you view things that don’t go well and things that maybe didn’t, maybe you didn’t get it exactly what you want. Like maybe you didn’t hit your goal. Maybe, you know, you go for something big and you didn’t get it, but, but being persistent and continue to get back up and continue to do it and do it and do it and do it, do it is what changes the way that you look at things. And it’s, you just, you’re going to value your success even more because not getting a thing or something that happening or not working, doesn’t become as big a deal as it used to be. Right? Because as you do this, you build new skills. You build new habits, you build new perceptions. And so everything changes. The situations don’t change. The problems do get bigger. Sometimes the problems get bigger problems, problems get different, but I need your reaction to all those things to change. So that is, that is one of the main reasons you want to do this persistence. Do you want to persist?


It gives you the vital experience, which I kind of wrapped into that first one, but the vital experience that you need, but I’m going to go back to my room this weekend because that’s the other thing that we, I really, I observed. Um, we all are moving towards our goals. We’re all moving to our goals in different ways. We’re all from different parts of the country. We all have different passions about why we do martial arts. We’re all martial artists from different disciplines. We’re not even the same discipline and the experiences that I have are not that unique, right? That’s special. It’s just not that special because everybody else in the room has experienced the same thing that I have. And I’m going to speak for me because sometimes being a woman in a man’s industry, cause I’ve done that twice. I’ve been in the computer industry before.


There were a lot of women in there. And then, and uh, so martial arts school owner as a woman and not as a, as a couple, sometimes I tend to try and use that as an excuse for things not working or not going, or are things happening in my school. It’s because of that or because of this, but being in that room, it gives me the experience. It’s just business. It’s just how people are. It’s just what, that was just what happens, right? It’s just the way that things go. And that’s the vital experience that you’re going to get. You’re going to know that it’s just a thing. It’s just how things happen. Now. There’s a lot of ways for you guys to kind of see that if you’re struggling with it, if you’re in business and you’re struggling with it, or even if you’re on towards a big goal and you’re struggling with it, um, undercover billion, undercover.


Billionaire is a great show to watch that happened because they’re tasked with doing, um, creating a million-dollar business in 90 days and they drop them off in a part of the country. They’ve never been in before they can’t use their, their names. Um, they’re of course they’re already like millionaires. They can’t use our names and they have to create something in 90 days. And it’s really interesting to watch because you’ll see, they all struggle with different things, but they all handled them differently. So that is where persistence is going to give you that experience. But you’re never going to learn it, right? You’re never going to learn it. You’re never going to get it if you stop. And this is with everything. If you exercising, if you’re you’re learning, if you’re you’re growing a business, if you’re growing yourself the minute that it gets hard, the minute that it gets challenging, the minute that it’s uncomfortable and you stop, you just wasted your time.


You’ve got to push through that. You’ve got to go through that moment to get to the other side, to get the new perspective, to get the knowledge, to get the experience, and to get the confidence, to know that you can do it. Okay? So that’s the other reason. The last it’s going to be consistency. You’re going to learn how to be consistent. You’re going to show up in a different way. You’re going to attack things differently. You’re going to be consistent. That was the other part of the room. Now, everybody in that room hasn’t been in that room the entire time. There was me and me and Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Billy Wilcox, we were the first two that I think that McDaniel they’re still there from the very beginning. So people have come in and people have left, but the ones that have stayed in and stayed consistent and follow directions and don’t change Mr.


Castle, NASA stuff, and follow the directions. They stayed consistent. They stuck to the process. They went through everything. They have the success. And now they’re going to the next level. A lot of us are taking ourselves to another level. Me with the book, um, a lot of us with coaching, a lot of us expanding our curriculum change mean just, just watching, how we’re all choosing to take on challenges that scared us, scared. The crap out of us a long time ago is the benefit of doing this. And consistency is something. If you are a manager, if you are a business owner, if you are a teacher -you can see the need for building this habit and in our world right now, because consistency is something people don’t even think is a thing, right? They go by how they feel. They just don’t want to go to work.


They don’t want to go to school. They don’t go right. It’s inconvenient for them. They don’t do it. Right. Consistency is, is a concept that has, I want to say gone away, but it’s diverged. It’s become, it’s become less important to most of us. So when you can be consistent and you can show up and you can do what needs to be done, then you show up in a different way. And people view you as dependable. And people want you to be a part of the things that they do because of how you’re showing up. Now that leads to a new set of problems, right? Because when you show up that way, everybody wants to be part of your team and you have to be crystal clear on your goals. You have to be crystal clear on your boundaries and you have to learn how to say no, all those things, right?


New problems, new problems, not a bad thing, just a thing. Okay. So that is why we want to work on our persistent muscle and we want to get consistent and we want to get that experience and we want to value the success that we have, right? And we want to be very clear on how we’re measuring value. I talked to that a little bit about that last week, about failure and perception of failure. All of it is what you decide. So that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Just real quick. And just to share that I am so proud to be a part of a group of amazing people, a group of amazing people, and that inspires me to do better and inspire me to be more consistent. And for me to be more persistent in for me to, to show up in a different way.


And that’s just an honor to be, to be able to do that and to be able to be a part of that. And, um, thank you for my mastermind group. Thank you for all of you guys. Some of them, I just met some I’ve known for a long time. So I just want to say thank you for that. Okay. Now haven’t talked about that. Very, very, very, very, very exciting thing happening this week in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that I was like, whoa, I didn’t even know Mr. Cassa Massa is going to be here this weekend at our Comic-Con. For those of you who don’t know, he is the original scorpion from mortal combat, and he’s going to be in faith in Fayetteville. I went out to California to see him. You get to see him, but driving down the street, how cool is that? So show up at Comic-Con this weekend and tell


him that Tracy has sent you to see him. I told him I was going to say that. So he won’t be surprised if you say that, that I sent you to see him. He’s an amazing human being. He is an amazing martial artist. He is an amazing business leader and he is an amazing mentor. And if you want to meet someone in real life that is all of those things at once, then you need to go see Chris Costa Masa at scorpion at Comic-Con in Fayetteville, North Carolina. So, uh, I hope you guys go get to see them. I, unfortunately, will not be able to get to see him in my own city because, um, I have a, a funeral that I have to attend out of state, but you better believe if I was here, I would be in the inline with scorpion, watching him, tell people to get over a year. So go see him, go meet him. Amazing person, amazing person to meet, get his autograph sign, get some pictures signed by his books. Do the thing. And I will see you guys on Wednesday for us to talk about how to stay motivated. Right? We’re in the middle of October, we talked about October being the month. People give up, don’t give up, don’t quit. Keep going. And I will see you on a Wednesday.


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