Gamechanger: How To Live Your Life By Different Rules Part 3

impact, confidence, belief, postive mindset, attitude, focus

Last month we had our GAMECHANGER event, and it brought me one step closer to demonstrating how martial arts is used by me as a personal development tool. We had a great time and invited Roxanne Modafferi, a retired UFC fighter to help us demonstrate our last principle. Today, I am going to share with […]

Do You Want To Learn 100 Ways To Be Inspired?

motivation, potential, purpose, inspired

Who needs inspiration every now and then? We all do and Wednesdays are going to be the days that we talk about how to stay motivated and inspired. How to stay motivated in your life, in your business, at work, in general. 100 ways to stay motivated based on Grant Cardone’s 100 Ways to Stay […]