Live in the Future Now

(00:11): Good morning. Good morning. It is Wednesday and I’m here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s a little bit overcast and a little bit blah. And, uh, Wednesday is our, our hump day is right there in the middle of the week. We’re either tired or frustrated or we just want the weekend to come. […]

How Being Exceptional Keeps You Excited

Good morning. It is Wednesday. And we are here to talk about how to stay motivated that today’s topic is going to seem like a little bit like what Tracy, how does that keep me motivated? Well, today the motivational tip that we’re going to talk about is to seek to be exceptional. Don’t just […]

How To Be Consistent and Get Experience

(00:12): Good morning. It is Monday, Monday, and we are here talking about the success habit of the month, which is how to keep moving forward. Last week, we’re going over talking about persistence, what it is and giving you a few other benefits that you’re going to get from it. So I wanted to […]

How To Never Fail Again

(00:14): Good morning. It is Monday, and it is time for us to talk about our success habit for the month and what we’re going to talk about this month. We are actually in October of this year, which I find just mind-blowing. I can’t believe it’s here, but what I wanted to talk about […]

How To Punch Failure in the Face

Yup, the road to success includes failure. We have been talking about the 100% philosophy. So we talked about what it is. We talked about going all-in, going full out, and doing the hard things. First, doing things that make you uncomfortable. So we went over all of those things, but today, I want to […]