Be The Most Dependable Person You Know

How many people can you count on in your life right now? If you knew that you had to draw, they would drop everything and anything to do and be there for you. Are you lucky enough to have someone like that in your life. I know that I am, I can instantly name, Jenny, […]

How To Punch Failure in the Face

Yup, the road to success includes failure. We have been talking about the 100% philosophy. So we talked about what it is. We talked about going all-in, going full out, and doing the hard things. First, doing things that make you uncomfortable. So we went over all of those things, but today, I want to […]

Are you afraid to set big goals and achieve success?

You’ve decided to claim your potential. Congratulations! You spend quiet time reflecting on what you really want to accomplish with the life you’ve been given. You tap into your inner wisdom and discover what will make you truly happy and content. Next, you outline goals you’ll need to achieve to reach your potential. All is […]