Gamechanger: How To Live Your Life By Different Rules Part 3

impact, confidence, belief, postive mindset, attitude, focus

Last month we had our GAMECHANGER event, and it brought me one step closer to demonstrating how martial arts is used by me as a personal development tool. We had a great time and invited Roxanne Modafferi, a retired UFC fighter to help us demonstrate our last principle. Today, I am going to share with […]

Gamechanger: How To Live Your Life By Different Rules Part 2

confidence, self-esteem, positive mindset, belief

Gamechanger Part 2 we show you how to change the way you look at the things in your life and how to change the way you view yourself so you can show up in your own Awesomeness! Check out the full article in the November edition of Array Magazine.

Gamechanger: How To Live Your Life By Different Rules Part 1

believe, positive attitude, confidence, self-esteem

As we head into the last part of 2022, I begin to reflect on the year and some of the greatest lessons I learned and highlight my greatest wins. I use that information so I can begin to plan and end the year on a high note.  This year, we added an event that has […]

How To Help Your Kids Learn Like a Rock Star

Well, here we are almost at the beginning of another school year. As excited as we can be about our kids going back to school, I know we can also be concerned about what to expect from a new year with new teachers, a new curriculum, and just the nervousness of not knowing what to […]

Live in the Future Now

(00:11): Good morning. Good morning. It is Wednesday and I’m here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s a little bit overcast and a little bit blah. And, uh, Wednesday is our, our hump day is right there in the middle of the week. We’re either tired or frustrated or we just want the weekend to come. […]

How Being Exceptional Keeps You Excited

Good morning. It is Wednesday. And we are here to talk about how to stay motivated that today’s topic is going to seem like a little bit like what Tracy, how does that keep me motivated? Well, today the motivational tip that we’re going to talk about is to seek to be exceptional. Don’t just […]

Be The Most Dependable Person You Know

How many people can you count on in your life right now? If you knew that you had to draw, they would drop everything and anything to do and be there for you. Are you lucky enough to have someone like that in your life. I know that I am, I can instantly name, Jenny, […]